Growing up I knew a boy that had a severe stutter. It was apparent that each time the child was called on to speak he would struggle to get the words out that he wanted to communicate. Where many of the kids lacked the patience to let the boy finish a sentence he was speaking, they would sometimes fill in the words that he would stumble though. Because he was mocked by a few of the other kids in school the individual became a trouble maker and was always being sent to the principal's office because of the fights that he would start.

Although he was not a bully he was a trouble maker and some adults believed that it was a cry for attention that stemmed from the boys inability to communicate properly. Although he was intelligent and could solve any problem presented to him this boy preferred to be the center of attention through his antics rather than his intellect. Facing ongoing stuttering issues the individual had a lot of trouble in his formative years of schooling. However as he grew up the same young man began a stuttering therapy that helped him to manage his stutter and learn how to slow down so that he could control his speech patterns.

For some children stuttering is related to their nervousness or excitement in answering questions. For others finding the right words to say causes them to stutter as they search their vocabulary for the right words. And for others stuttering is just a subconscious thought process that they have no control over. For anyone that has a problem speaking there are doctors that can provide speech therapy to New York residents of all ages. While the boy I knew in my youth was able to control his speech impediment as he grew into adulthood there are a number of adults that have no change in the stutter and who continue to have trouble communicating throughout their adult life.

However there is hope for the children and adults that stammer through a sentence and feel somehow inferior because they have difficulty communicating. By meeting with a speech therapist and learning the skills and tools to control their stutter many people have been able to overcome their childhood disability. With the help of speech therapy New York residents can become better speakers and find that they are able to speak clearly in their verbal interactions with people in the social and professional circles. With practice the treatments that are taught by a doctor can have a great effect on the stuttering issues that many people face.