A significant range of electric pianos and keyboards is available in the marketplace at very diverse prices. With models ranging from general purpose keyboards with less heavy keys to the more high quality digital pianos which are designed to copy the sound of a real grand piano or upright piano, which type is the best for you or your youngster?

Below I go over the three popular kinds that you can buy and each of their advantages:

Piano-Style Keyboards

More and more people are taking to these instruments and they are generally now very popular because of the fact that they are a great piano like alternative, whilst remaining competitively priced when compared with digital pianos. There're normally found employing a full 76 note keyboard, weighted piano keys and a selection of impressive traditional acoustic piano sounds. They often also come equipped with an array of other sounds like a harpsichord and a variety of strings. More and more manufacturers are adding this type of keyboard to their range so you'll encounter a lot of choice to suit your funds.

General Purpose Keyboards

These keyboards usually come with approximately 61 notes as opposed to the 76 available on an upright piano. Additionally they are available equipped with a substantial selection of rhythm tracks and sounds to accompany your planning. These aren't professional-quality backing tracks but still beneficial. Whilst these types will not be normally considered a professional alternative, some models are remarkably impressive and offer a good budget alternative to the other kinds of keyboards and piano. Many of these now come with touch sensitive keys for far more authentic playing. On account of the favorable overall performance and budget price these kinds of keyboard can often be found in educational institutions.

Digital Pianos

Because of the outstanding digital sampled reproduction of authentic acoustic piano sounds, these represent the personal choice of the pros. The hammer action piano keys are often a very excellent emulation of the overall performance and feel of authentic piano keys. They are remarkably popular due to the fact that they occupy much less room when compared to a real grand piano, won't ever need tuning, can be more easily transported and can be efficiently amplified to high volumes. Whilst this is the more pricey of the 3 alternatives, they are nonetheless a much cheaper option compared to a real grand piano.

So there are the 3 preferred choices of electric pianos and keyboards. With the variation in cost and functionality, with any luck you will now go on to choose the perfect one to meet your needs and above all your wallet.