When you have to make a decision between free web hosting and paid web hosting, you need to take few important factors under considerations. It is not only about the fee that makes the difference.

In fact, there are many other important factors that play a vital role. In this article, we will find out those crucial factors that may influence your decision to host your site either on a free hosting or a paid hosting plan.

What Is Your Intention of Creating a Web Site?
Before going too further with the hosting plan, you first try to analyze your own intention of creating a web site. Why do you want to create a web site? Is it because you want to share your pictures to the world? Or do you want to upload pages embedded with texts and images in the form of a site?

Or do you need this web site for a professional purpose? It is important to decide your requirement first and then only you will be able to successfully decide about your hosting plan. For example, if you want to upload your personal photo albums and would like to share it with the world, it is very likely that you do not need to bother about choosing a paid hosting plan for your needs.

What Is Your Experience Level as a Web Master?
So, if you are a skilled web master and planning to set up your website for a professional cause, you should not bother about choosing free service.

It is mainly because in such case a free web hosting may not be able to fulfill the professional requirements. However, if you are an inexperienced one and do not have much experience about HTML coding and other related web based stuffs, you can surely opt for free web hosting at the first place before you become able to develop your skills on web programming.

Are You Planning to Sell Products Using Your Website?
If this is the case, you must not choose free web hosting service for your needs. Moreover, if you are expecting a high volume of traffic in your website, needless to say, free web hosting is not a right choice for you.Even though you can see that there are many free web hosting sites that offer high bandwidth, you should not consider them blindly for consistency and reliability.

Moreover, most of the free hosting services come with annoying banner or pop up advertisements that may critically hamper the quality of site layout. These are really important factors to be considered if you would like to host a professional site.

Additionally, professional or business sites hosted on free server do not offer any good impact on the site visitors mind. Moreover, if you are planning to sell products using your website, you should not host it on free server as most of the buyers do not find it really safe for their own business needs too.

Most of the free hosting sites do not offer the facility to use credit cards, which also make many users / buyers reluctant about using your service. Last but not the least, free web hosting is not at all secure and reliable too and you can not really depend on their customer support on 24/7 basis.