What type of guitar player are you? The answer to this question is probably the most important aspect to consider when searching for online guitar courses. There are various types of online guitar courses available, and your ability level, desire and overall attitude will determine which course is right for you.

There are a few basic elements that anyone looking for online guitar courses should consider before deciding on a particular course of instruction. Be honest with yourself. You know your ability level and you know how much time you are willing to commit to lessons. You also know how much you want to spend. The more you know about what you want and where you want to go with it, the easier it will be to choose the right program.

Online guitar courses vary depending upon how much you want spend. As with most products, the more you spend the more you get. However, just because one of the online guitar courses cost more than another does not mean it is the best for everyone.

The most affordable of online guitar courses are ones that you can download completely. In other words, once you buy the program all the materials needed are downloaded and stored on your computer. The advantages to this type of program is that there is no delivery time and you can start your lessons right away. This is an attractive product if you are a totally unskilled beginner, or if you are buying this course for your child. It is relatively inexpensive which makes it an especially wise choice for a parent that is not sure if their child is going to follow through with their lessons.

Another popular option is an all inclusive package plan. Basically, you buy the course online and all the materials are delivered to you. Most of these courses will include instruction books, DVDs, CDs. and other materials needed for your lesson plan. These online guitar courses usually use a combination approach to teaching that includes use of the materials received along with instruction available online, and the better ones will have a member forum and offer good customer support both online and by telephone. This type of program is usually quite good, but also not inexpensive. Although this type of program is excellent for guitarists of all levels, even total beginners, it is definitely aimed at serious students only.

The last of the online guitar courses that I am going to mention is the membership site, which is exactly what it sounds like. For a small fee every month, usually around $15.00, you become a member. Good membership sites have an advantage over other types of online guitar courses, because they can keep their content fresh and updated and available to the student almost daily. Students should have access to many instructors and lesson plans. Along with student forums, good customer support and quality instruction, another advantage of a membership plan is that you can cancel at any time and get back to it whenever you choose,

If you are new to the guitar or looking to improve your guitar skills take a look at some online guitar courses that I have reviewed. Visit my website to see the finer points of each of these programs.